Looking back into our history.  I began on the 6th of June 2006.  My first take away/ restaurant was opened at couch man’s Industrial park on Jacaranda street in Hennopspark. I established a business that gave centurion residence and workers a taste of Flavourful South African Indian meals.  We continued business for 17 months in this premises, trading hours were restricted. Rental and utilities were escalating.
I joined Mr delivery with a commission of 30%.  I became more recognized through Mr delivery and the business began to show growth.  I prayed that I could find a bigger and better space and generate more income, as I have used up all sources of revenue to pay all the expenses’.  
Red flags were warning of a business failing.  Load shedding began and the future look bleak.  I was about to give up. 
Here is my testimony: 
One day I encounter a visitor sitting at one of my tables.  I approached him and ask for his order.     
Quote “I am not here to order I am here to offer you a bigger and better premises to continue and grow your business” unquote
One way to another and within 2 weeks I had moved to The Gables Centre.  I have established a great clientele and have made a difference to so many peoples live. 
I have always thrived on innovation and changes to the business in keeping up to the future trends. 
I maintain a good relationship with my: customers/clients/friends/suppliers/neighbours/colleges/and landlord.
I maintain an open and honest business practice. Striving on consistency and perfection at all times
My standards of cleanliness and hygiene is our priority. I have consistency in all my meals that are prepared personal by myself. 
I thank God every day for my blessings and my health. So many people have helped me heal and prayed for my recovery.    Today I stand stronger with all the difficulties life has thrown at me,
Kelly turned 21 on the 9 of October. She has been my pillar of strength.  Juggling between university and the business while I was hospitalized.  I am so proud of her and her responsible attitude.
Kelly and I have overcome many challenges’.  Together we will continue to maintain our high standards.  We have been blessed to continue our business with an all women team stronger and better.  I want to thank all our patrons who witnessed and standing by me through sickness and health.
May we continue our relationship for many more years to come.